Drive D950

D950 Adventure

31’2″ long, 700HP max

D950 Explorer

31’2″ long, 700HP max

D950 Dive

31’2″ long, 700HP max


31’2″ long, 700HP max

The essence of the DRIVE model line is modularity. A simple and large open deck allows for a tailored set of modifications — OPEN DECK, ADVENTURE, EXPLORER, and DIVE.

The base version allows customers to create their own dream deck layout. The Extra deep ‘V’ high performance hull is made using vacuum infusing technology, allowing for prolonged trouble free operation.

The ADVENTURE was designed with commercial operators in mind. Each jockey seat has a locker so all 14 guests can store personal items on board. Equipped with twin 300L fuel tanks, the D950 will provide customers with long and satisfying tours along picturesque coastlines.

The EXPLORER is for those wanting to explore in intimate groups. The vast console can house many instruments and electronics to enhance your boating experience. A large open stern area provides lots of storage for your trip.

The DIVE has been created for those who intend to enjoy being below the water as well as above. The D950 has been designed to deliver helmsman and crew to your destination of choice in a quick and safe manner, even in the most severe of conditions.




– Extra-Deep “V» fiberglass hull with self-bailing cockpit
– Heavy-duty multi-chamber infl atable tube
– Anchor locker and bow locker compartments
– Bow step platform
– Steering console CL-27 with windshield and handrail
– Cleats and lifting eyes
– Built-in fuel system with 2×300 liter tans and sender
– Electric package with navigation lights, bilge pump, electric
horn, switches, battery switch and complete wiring

– Two swimming platforms with folding ladder
– Shock mitigation seat
– Jockey seats with inbuilt dry storage compartments
and optional front st/st rails
– Steering wheel PERFORMANCE (black)
– Overall cover, consoles covers
– Overpressure valves
– Stainless steel bow rails
– Extended T-top
– Stainless steel navigation arch




Length overall 31’4″
Length inside 19’6″
Width overall 10’6″
Width inside 6’5″
Tube Diameter 24″
Bare boat weight 4761 lbs
Loading capacity 5512 lbs
Passenger capacity 14
Number of chambers 7
Engine recommended 300 HP (2 x 250HP)
Engine MAX 450 HP (2 x 350HP)
Engine weight MAX 1698 lbs
Engine shaft length 30″ / 2 x 25″
Boat design category B

All technical data are subject to change without notice. The products details and specifications may be changed from specified herein. All the dimensions are + or – 3%. All the weights are + or – 10%

Tube and decor colours


Default light gray and gray color option for tubing & ornamentation.

Light gray tube
with  gray decor.
White hull.

(Default color)


Default white and grey color option for tubing & ornamentation.

White tube
with  gray decor.
White hull.


Default black and gray color option for tubing & ornamentation.

Black tube
with  gray decor.
Dark gray  hull.


Custom colors available upon request.

Some other colors for tube, tube decor and hull can be available on request. Check out availability with your Dealer.