About Us

GRAND inflatable boats brand and trademark was founded in 2001 and now GRAND is a large modern GRAND production plant in Europe (Ukraine). It has become the world’s leading manufacturer of inflatable boats of class RIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat), distributed throughout the world and well known for their exceptional quality, design, construction and performance.

GRAND makes and offers boat models that meet the highest standards and are associated with elegance, reliability and quality. Purchasing any model of GRAND boats, you buy not just water vehicle, but positive emotions and pleasure from relaxing with family and friends in nature, comfort from being in a boat, enjoying easy handling, be it smooth movements on the water surface or steep turn on the waves.

Providing our customers with the best, revolutionary, and advanced boats and service on the market is what we believe in!

GMI Marine Distribution is a wholesale division of GRAND MARINE GROUP, Canada and an official importer and distributor of GRAND boats in Canada, selling them through our GRAND Dealers Network in Canada.  If you are a customer and looking for the GRAND boat – please contact  your nearest GRAND Dealer or contact us, so we can give you proper advice and directions. If you are a marine Dealer, and would like to become our dealer – you are very welcome to contact us!

         Welcome to GRAND!